This year we are supporting just one charity that we have helped several times before

Noah's Ark Children's Hospital

The Noah’s Ark Charity is the official charity of the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales which provides specialist and life-saving treatment to 73,000 children every year.

 The charity was originally set up as an appeal to build and equip the national children’s hospital for Wales and having successfully raised £20 million to achieve this, it now continues to work hand in hand with the hospital in the next vital stage of its development. Noah’s Ark provides funding for the most up to date equipment and facilities so that the medical team can continue to deliver world class care to the children of Wales . It also funds support services like the play specialist team, who help children be children, despite the difficulties they are facing.

 By supporting the Noah’s Ark Charity, you are helping thousands of children from all over Wales. Some only stay at the hospital for an hour while others are patients here for their whole childhood, but you are helping to make a difference to each and every one of them.